The 12 Largest Spring-Fed Pools in Texas: A Dive into Nature’s Wonders

Texas, known for its vast landscapes and diverse natural wonders, holds a hidden gem in the form of spring-fed pools. These crystalline oases offer a refreshing escape from the scorching Texan heat and are perfect for both adventure seekers and those seeking tranquility. As an investigative journalist, it is my pleasure to present to you the 12 largest spring-fed pools in Texas, accompanied by fascinating facts and figures. Let’s dive right in and explore what makes each of these pools a must-visit destination!

The 12 Largest Spring-Fed Pools in Texas: A Dive into Nature’s Wonders

1. Barton Springs Pool

  • Location: Austin, Texas
  • Size: Approximately 3 acres

Facts: Barton Springs Pool, located in Zilker Park, is one of Austin’s most beloved attractions. It is fed by the Main Barton Spring, and its waters maintain a constant temperature of around 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. Besides being an excellent spot for swimming, it’s also a habitat for the endangered Barton Springs Salamander.

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2. Hamilton Pool Preserve

  • Location: Dripping Springs, Texas
  • Size: A collapsed grotto forming a stunning natural pool
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Facts: Hamilton Pool is a breathtaking natural pool that formed after an underground river’s dome collapsed thousands of years ago. The turquoise waters surrounded by lush vegetation and a 50-foot waterfall create a mesmerizing sight. Due to its popularity, reservations are required for visitors to preserve its beauty.

3. Comal Springs

  • Location: New Braunfels, Texas
  • Size: Varies due to natural springs

Facts: Comal Springs is one of the largest in Texas and the shortest river in the world. The springs are the primary source of the Comal River, a popular spot for water recreation such as tubing and kayaking. The constant flow of crystal-clear water makes it ideal for various water activities.

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4. San Solomon Springs

  • Location: Balmorhea, Texas
  • Size: Approximately 1.75 acres

Facts: San Solomon Springs is the heart of Balmorhea State Park, an oasis in the West Texas desert. It pumps over 15 million gallons of water daily, forming a large, shallow pool that welcomes swimmers and scuba divers alike. The unique ecosystem is home to various fish species, making it a diver’s paradise.

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5. Jacob’s Well

  • Location: Wimberley, Texas
  • Size: The mouth is about 12 feet in diameter, with a depth of around 30 feet

Facts: Jacob’s Well is an artesian spring that flows from the depths of the Trinity Aquifer. It is one of the most dangerous underwater caves in Texas, making it accessible only to experienced divers. The crystal-clear waters attract thrill-seekers who wish to explore the underwater cave system.

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6. Deep Eddy Pool

  • Location: Austin, Texas
  • Size: Approximately 0.75 acres

Facts: Deep Eddy Pool, located in Austin, is one of the oldest swimming pools in Texas. The pool is fed by natural springs, and its waters are kept at a comfortable 72 degrees Fahrenheit. It features a unique blend of history and natural beauty, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

7. Blue Hole

  • Location: Wimberley, Texas
  • Size: A picturesque swimming hole

Facts: Blue Hole is a scenic gem in the heart of Wimberley, surrounded by towering cypress trees. The pool’s deep blue waters are perfect for swimming and rope swinging, providing a thrilling experience for visitors. The 126-acre park offers various recreational activities, including hiking trails and picnicking spots.

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8. Krause Springs

  • Location: Spicewood, Texas
  • Size: Approximately 34 acres

Facts: Krause Springs boasts 32 natural springs and a man-made pool fed by the main spring. The picturesque setting includes waterfalls, grottos, and lush gardens, creating an enchanting ambiance. Camping facilities are available for those who want to immerse themselves in nature’s beauty.

9. Cibolo Creek Nature Center

  • Location: Boerne, Texas
  • Size: Spring-fed creek and a natural pool

Facts: Cibolo Creek Nature Center is a serene oasis featuring a spring-fed pool with crystal-clear waters. The center offers guided tours and educational programs about the area’s diverse flora and fauna, making it an ideal destination for families and nature enthusiasts.

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10. Blanco State Park

  • Location: Blanco, Texas
  • Size: Blanco River fed by multiple springs
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Facts: Blanco State Park is home to a beautiful spring-fed river that provides ample opportunities for swimming, fishing, and canoeing. The park’s well-maintained grounds and picnic areas make it an excellent spot for a day of relaxation and fun.

11. Devil’s Waterhole

  • Location: Burnet, Texas
  • Size: Part of Inks Lake

Facts: Devil’s Waterhole, situated in Inks Lake State Park, is a picturesque pool surrounded by rugged beauty. It’s a popular spot for swimming and cliff diving, but visitors are advised to exercise caution due to the uneven terrain.

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12. Big Spring

  • Location: Big Spring, Texas
  • Size: Large spring-fed pool

Facts: Big Spring is an oasis in the West Texas desert, featuring a massive spring-fed pool surrounded by lush greenery. The park offers recreational facilities such as picnicking areas and playgrounds, making it an ideal destination for families.

Are these spring-fed pools safe for swimming?

Yes, most of these pools are safe for swimming, but it’s essential to follow safety guidelines and signs at each location.

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Can I scuba dive in any of these pools?

Absolutely! Pools like San Solomon Springs and Jacob’s Well offer fantastic scuba diving opportunities.

Are there any camping facilities near these spring-fed pools?

Yes, places like Krause Springs offer camping facilities, allowing visitors to extend their stay and experience the beauty of nature.

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Are reservations required to visit these pools?

Some pools, like Hamilton Pool Preserve, may require reservations due to their popularity and to preserve their natural beauty.

What’s the best time to visit these spring-fed pools?

Spring and early summer are generally the best times to visit when the weather is pleasant, and the water levels are ideal.


Texas is undoubtedly a treasure trove of awe-inspiring spring-fed pools, each offering its unique charm and allure. From the tranquil Barton Springs to the adventurous Devil’s Waterhole, these natural wonders cater to all tastes. So, whether you seek relaxation or adrenaline-pumping activities, head to these enchanting pools and immerse yourself in the splendor of Texas nature.

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