[Guide] How To Be A Game Warden In Texas

Game wardens in Texas are responsible for protecting the state’s natural resources, wildlife, and people. As a game warden, you will be responsible for enforcing state laws related to hunting and fishing, educating the public on environmental protection and conservation, and investigating violations of the law. Becoming a game warden in Texas requires dedication, hard work, and a commitment to upholding the law.

This article will provide an overview of the steps required to become a game warden in Texas. It will cover the educational requirements, the application process, and the physical and written examinations. It will also provide an overview of the salary and benefits associated with the position. With the right combination of personal dedication and professional training, you can become a game warden in Texas and help to protect the state’s natural resources.

How To Be A Game Warden In Texas

Step 1: Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree

In order to become a game warden in Texas, you must first obtain a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university. It is recommended to major in fields such as biology, criminal justice, or wildlife management, as these will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in the field.

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Step 2: Complete Training

Once you have obtained your Bachelor’s Degree, you must then complete the Texas Game Warden Academy. The academy is offered by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and consists of approximately 19 weeks of training. It is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the duties and responsibilities of being a game warden in Texas.

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Step 3: Pass the Exam

After you have completed the academy, you must then pass the Texas Game Warden Exam. The exam is administered by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and consists of a written and physical test.

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Step 4: Apply for a Position

Once you have passed the exam, you may then apply for a game warden position in Texas. To do this, you must submit an application to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. You can find the application on their website.

Step 5: Receive Certification

Once your application is approved, you will then receive certification from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. This certification will allow you to begin working as a game warden in Texas.

Step 6: Maintain Certification

To maintain your certification as a game warden in Texas, you must complete continuing education courses and adhere to the rules and regulations of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Texas Game Warden Salary

In Texas, game wardens are entry-level law enforcement officers who protect the state’s natural resources from illegal activities. They also enforce state and federal laws related to hunting, fishing, and boating.

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The salary for a game warden in Texas is determined by the state’s salary schedule. As of 2021, the starting salary for a game warden in Texas is $4,243 per month. With experience and education, the salary can increase to $7,137 per month. In addition, game wardens may receive a uniform allowance and other benefits.

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Game wardens in Texas are usually hired at the entry-level and may receive additional pay for assignments involving hazardous duty or overtime. They may also receive bonuses for completing specialized training or certifications.

Game wardens in Texas are also eligible for retirement benefits after twenty years of service. In addition, they may receive a lifetime annuity, health insurance, and other benefits.

How long does it take to be a game warden in Texas?

It typically takes several years of education and experience to become a game warden in Texas. Those interested in becoming a game warden must meet the state’s minimum requirements, which include having a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as criminal justice, wildlife management, or natural resources. They must also gain experience working in the field and pass a physical fitness test.

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Once they have met the minimum requirements, they must participate in a training academy, typically held over a six-month period. This includes classroom and field instruction, as well as hands-on training in law enforcement. After graduating from the academy, potential game wardens must pass an exam and complete a probationary period of one to two years.

Once the probationary period is complete, game wardens must continually update their education and training to stay current on state laws and regulations. They may also need to attend additional training courses or seminars to maintain their certification.

How much schooling does a game warden need in Texas?

In Texas, game wardens must have a degree from an accredited college, or a combination of related work experience and education. A minimum of 60 semester hours is generally required, with at least 12 of those hours in the areas of criminal justice, law enforcement, or wildlife management. Game wardens must also be licensed peace officers in the state of Texas and must successfully complete the state’s basic police officer training course.

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Texas Game Warden Physical Requirements

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) sets the physical requirements for all Texas game wardens. To become a Texas game warden, all applicants must pass a physical fitness test, which is designed to assess their physical abilities in areas such as strength, endurance, and agility.

These requirements are in place to ensure Texas game wardens are physically fit to perform their duties and to ensure the safety of themselves, the public, and the wildlife they protect.

  • The physical fitness test for Texas game wardens includes the following components:
  • Push-Ups: A minimum of 20 push-ups must be completed in one minute.
  • Sit-Ups: A minimum of 20 sit-ups must be completed in one minute.
  • 2-Mile Run: A minimum of 17 minutes and 30 seconds must be completed for the two-mile run.
  • Agility Tests: Three agility tests must be completed, including a shuttle run, a vertical jump, and a broad jump.
  • Swimming: A minimum of 200 yards must be completed in a swimming pool or lake.
  • Weight Lift: A minimum of 60 pounds must be lifted in a single lift.

In addition to the physical fitness test, Texas game wardens must also meet additional requirements, such as passing a background check, completing a written test, and attending an academy. These requirements are in place to ensure that only the most qualified individuals become Texas game wardens.


Becoming a game warden in Texas requires dedication and hard work. To become a game warden, you must first pass the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s entrance examination, complete the Game Warden Training Academy and earn the appropriate certifications.

You must also possess a valid Texas driver’s license, be at least 21 years of age, and have a valid U.S. passport. Once hired, you will be expected to patrol areas to ensure compliance with hunting and fishing regulations, investigate hunting violations, and provide public education about fish and wildlife management.

Game wardens in Texas must possess strong communication skills, be physically fit, and have a passion for protecting the state’s fish and wildlife resources.

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