12 Most Expensive House In Texas [2024]

Texas, the Lone Star State, is known for its vast landscapes, diverse culture, and booming economy. It’s also home to some of the most luxurious and opulent residences in the country. From sprawling estates to modern marvels, the real estate market in Texas boasts a collection of homes that redefine extravagance. In this article, we’ll take a virtual tour of the 12 most expensive houses in Texas, each a testament to grandeur and sophistication.

12 Most Expensive House In Texas [2024]

1. Crespi Hicks Estate – $48.9 Million:

Located in Dallas, the Crespi Hicks Estate is a masterpiece that spans over 25 acres. With Italian Renaissance architecture, this mansion features a 10-bedroom main house, a guesthouse, and amenities like a tennis court, pool, and private lake.

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2. Walnut Place – $100 Million:

This historic estate in Dallas is often referred to as “The Crespi Estate” and is one of the most iconic properties in Texas. With a rich history dating back to the 1930s, Walnut Place spans 25 acres and offers a stunning Italian Renaissance-style mansion, sprawling gardens, and a greenhouse.

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3. Mt. Vernon – $49.5 Million:

Situated in the prestigious River Oaks neighborhood of Houston, Mt. Vernon is a Georgian mansion with a rich history. Boasting 25,000 square feet of living space, the estate includes luxurious amenities such as a wine cellar, home theater, and a pool with a cabana.

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4. JMJ Ranch – $49 Million:

Located in the heart of Dallas, the JMJ Ranch is a modern architectural marvel. This 29,000-square-foot residence features seven bedrooms, a private lake, a fully equipped gym, and a breathtaking infinity pool overlooking the lush landscape.

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5. Strait Lane Estate – $39.5 Million:

Nestled in the exclusive Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas, the Strait Lane Estate is an expansive property that includes a 15,254-square-foot mansion, a two-story guesthouse, and lush gardens. The residence boasts luxurious finishes and amenities like a home theater and wine cellar.

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6. Dallas Penthouse – $24 Million:

For those seeking the epitome of urban luxury, the Dallas Penthouse is a top-tier option. This extravagant penthouse, situated in the heart of Dallas, offers panoramic views of the city skyline. With over 16,000 square feet of living space, it features custom interiors and top-of-the-line finishes.

7. Stonebriar Creek Estate – $24.5 Million:

This Frisco estate is a sprawling 10-acre property that includes a 10-bedroom mansion, a private lake, and lush landscaping. Stonebriar Creek Estate offers a perfect blend of privacy and luxury in the rapidly growing North Texas area.

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8. Champions’ Hill Estate – $30 Million:

Nestled in Houston’s Memorial area, the Champions’ Hill Estate is a grand mansion with European-inspired architecture. The estate features a wine cellar, a home theater, and an outdoor kitchen, making it an ideal residence for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

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9. Barton Creek Estate – $18.9 Million:

Situated in Austin, the Barton Creek Estate is a hilltop oasis overlooking the Texas Hill Country. With over 13,800 square feet of living space, this modern masterpiece offers stunning views, an infinity-edge pool, and state-of-the-art amenities.

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10. Vaquero Estate – $24.5 Million:

Located in Westlake, near Dallas, the Vaquero Estate is a luxurious property in the exclusive Vaquero Club community. This Mediterranean-style mansion features a private golf course, a resort-style pool, and meticulous landscaping.

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11. Chateau Montclair – $13.95 Million:

Nestled in the affluent community of Southlake, Chateau Montclair is a European-inspired estate that combines old-world charm with modern luxury. This meticulously designed mansion includes a ballroom, a home theater, and an outdoor oasis with a pool and spa.

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12. The Woodlands Mansion – Price Upon Request:

Situated in The Woodlands, a master-planned community near Houston, this mansion is a true testament to luxury living. With a timeless design, expansive living spaces, and top-notch amenities, The Woodlands Mansion sets the standard for opulence.

Most Expensive House in the World:

The most expensive house in the world was the Buckingham Palace, estimated to be worth over $2.9 billion.

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Most Expensive House in the US:

The most expensive house in the United States is often subject to change due to the dynamic nature of the real estate market. The record was held by a $225 million Bel Air mansion.

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Most Expensive House in Houston, Texas:

Houston’s most expensive house is subject to change, but notable properties include those in River Oaks and Memorial. A residence in River Oaks held the record, priced at around $29.5 million.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in Texas:

The top 10 most expensive houses in Texas often include properties in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and other affluent areas. These residences showcase a range of architectural styles and luxurious amenities.

Most Expensive House in Texas on Zillow:

To discover the most expensive house in Texas on Zillow, users can visit the platform and search for luxury listings. The property listings on Zillow are continually updated, providing details on various homes, including their current market values and features. It’s a useful resource for those interested in exploring high-end real estate in Texas.

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Texas continues to be a hotspot for luxury real estate, with these 12 homes exemplifying the pinnacle of opulence. From historic estates with rich narratives to contemporary marvels boasting cutting-edge features, these residences showcase the diverse and extravagant lifestyle options available in the Lone Star State. As the Texas real estate market continues to evolve, these homes stand as timeless symbols of luxury living in the heart of the American Southwest.

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