Top 10 Most Powerful Men In Texas

Texas, the land of vast plains, big skies, and even bigger ambitions, has long been a symbol of power and influence in the United States. From its bustling cities to its sprawling ranches, Texas is home to individuals who wield immense power in various spheres, from politics to business and beyond. Here, we present the top 10 most powerful men shaping the landscape of the Lone Star State.

Top 10 Most Powerful Men In Texas

1. Greg Abbott –

Serving as the Governor of Texas since 2015, Greg Abbott holds significant sway over the state’s policies and politics. With a background as a former Attorney General, Abbott’s decisions impact millions of Texans across a wide range of issues, from healthcare to education and beyond.

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2. John Cornyn –

As one of Texas’ two United States Senators, John Cornyn commands immense influence in Washington, D.C. Serving since 2002, Cornyn’s seniority and position on key Senate committees make him a formidable force in national politics, especially regarding issues such as immigration and national security.

3. Michael Dell –

Founder and CEO of Dell Technologies, Michael Dell is a titan of the tech industry and a prominent figure in Texas’ business landscape. With his company headquartered in Round Rock, Dell’s innovations and investments have not only shaped the state’s economy but also its global reputation as a tech hub.

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4. Dan Patrick –

Serving as the Lieutenant Governor of Texas since 2015, Dan Patrick holds significant power in the state’s legislative process. His influence over the Texas Senate agenda and his conservative ideology make him a key figure in shaping policies on issues such as taxation, immigration, and social issues.

5. Robert Smith –

As the founder of Vista Equity Partners, Robert Smith is one of the most influential figures in Texas’ finance and investment sector. With a net worth in the billions, Smith’s impact extends beyond Texas, but his roots in the state make him a crucial player in its economic landscape.

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6. Jim Crane –

Owner of the Houston Astros and founder of Crane Worldwide Logistics, Jim Crane is a powerhouse in both sports and business. His ownership of the Astros has not only brought success to the team but has also solidified his influence in Houston and beyond.

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7. Ken Paxton –

Serving as the Attorney General of Texas since 2015, Ken Paxton wields significant legal authority in the state. His conservative stance on issues such as gun rights and immigration has made him a polarizing figure, but his power in interpreting and enforcing Texas law cannot be underestimated.

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8. Joe Straus III –

As the former Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, Joe Straus III left an indelible mark on the state’s politics during his tenure from 2009 to 2019. His ability to navigate political divides and his pragmatic approach to governance earned him respect and influence across party lines.

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9. Tim Cook –

Though based in Cupertino, California, as the CEO of Apple Inc., Tim Cook’s influence extends to Texas and beyond. With major operations and investments in the state, including a significant presence in Austin, Cook plays a pivotal role in shaping Texas’ technology and innovation landscape.

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10. Kelcy Warren –

As the CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, Kelcy Warren is a key player in Texas’ energy sector. With interests in pipelines, natural gas, and other energy infrastructure, Warren’s decisions impact not only the state’s economy but also its environmental and regulatory landscape.


These men represent a diverse array of industries and interests, but they all share a common trait: the ability to shape the trajectory of Texas through their power, influence, and vision. As the Lone Star State continues to grow and evolve, the impact of these individuals will undoubtedly remain profound and far-reaching.

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