Top 10 Most Successful Families In Texas

From the oil fields of West Texas to the bustling metropolises of Dallas and Houston, the Lone Star State boasts a rich tapestry of families whose legacies have woven into the very fabric of Texan history. These families have not only shaped the economic landscape of Texas but have also left an indelible mark on its cultural and political spheres. Here, we celebrate the top 10 most successful families in the Lone Star State:

Top 10 Most Successful Families In Texas

1. The Hunts:

The Hunts are synonymous with the oil industry in Texas. Founded by H.L. Hunt, this family empire has diversified its interests into real estate, investments, and sports ownership. Their contributions to the energy sector and philanthropy have made them a cornerstone of Texas society.

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2. The Basses With roots in the oil industry:

The Bass family has expanded its reach into finance, real estate, and philanthropy. Known for their keen business acumen, the Basses have played a pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape of Texas and beyond.

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3. The H-E-B Family

As the owners of the beloved H-E-B supermarket chain, the Butt family has become synonymous with Texas hospitality and community engagement. Their commitment to providing quality products and services has endeared them to generations of Texans.

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4. The Dell Family:

Michael Dell, the founder of Dell Technologies, hails from Texas and has established a lasting legacy in the world of technology. Through innovation and entrepreneurship, the Dell family has solidified its place as one of the most influential in Texas.

5. The Red McCombs Family:

Red McCombs, along with his family, has left an indelible mark on various industries in Texas, including automotive, real estate, and sports. Their entrepreneurial spirit and business prowess have made them stalwarts of the Texan business community.

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6. The Duncan Family

As the founders of Enterprise Products Partners, one of the largest publicly traded energy partnerships, the Duncan family has played a pivotal role in the energy sector’s growth in Texas. Their commitment to excellence and innovation has earned them widespread acclaim.

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7. The Moody Family From banking to publishing:

The Moody family has diversified its interests across various sectors. With a legacy spanning over a century, they have remained steadfast in their commitment to advancing Texas’s economic and cultural interests.

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8. The Perry Family

Former Governor Rick Perry and his family have long been influential figures in Texas politics. Their dedication to public service and advocacy for conservative values have left an indelible mark on the state’s political landscape.

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9. The Jones Family

As the owners of the Dallas Cowboys, the Jones family has become synonymous with America’s Team. Their stewardship of one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world has cemented their status as Texas icons.

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10. The Perot Family Founded by Ross Perot

The Perot family has made significant contributions to the fields of technology, business, and philanthropy. Their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation have made them trailblazers in the Texas business community.

Texas Oil Money Families:

Texas is home to several prominent families whose wealth is deeply rooted in the oil industry. Some of the notable Texas oil money families include the Hunts, the Basses, the Duncans, and the Perots, among others. These families have amassed considerable wealth through their involvement in oil exploration, production, and related industries.

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Billionaires in Texas:

Yes, Texas is home to numerous billionaires. Some of the most well-known billionaires residing in Texas include Michael Dell, founder of Dell Technologies; Alice Walton, heiress to the Walmart fortune; and Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, among others. These individuals have accumulated vast wealth through various ventures, including technology, retail, and energy.

Most Successful Family in America:

Determining the “most successful” family in America is subjective and could vary depending on the criteria used for measurement. However, families like the Waltons (heirs to the Walmart fortune), the Kochs (involved in diversified industries including energy and manufacturing), and the Mars family (owners of Mars, Inc., the confectionery company) are often considered among the wealthiest and most influential in the country.

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Richest Oil Tycoon in Texas:

The title of the richest oil tycoon in Texas can fluctuate based on various factors such as oil prices, business ventures, and personal wealth management. Some notable figures in this realm include Richard Kinder, founder of Kinder Morgan; Ray Lee Hunt, son of legendary oilman H.L. Hunt; and T. Boone Pickens, known for his contributions to the oil and gas industry.

Big Four Texas Oil Men:

The term “Big Four” in Texas oil industry history typically refers to H.L. Hunt, Sid Richardson, Clint Murchison, and Hugh Roy Cullen. These influential figures played significant roles in shaping the Texas oil industry during its early years, and their legacies continue to influence the state’s economy and culture.

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Where the Super Rich Live in Texas:

The super-rich in Texas often gravitate towards affluent neighborhoods and communities in cities like Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. Exclusive areas such as River Oaks in Houston, Highland Park in Dallas, and Westlake in Austin are known for attracting wealthy residents due to their luxury amenities and upscale lifestyle offerings.

City in Texas with the Most Millionaires:

Houston, often dubbed the “energy capital of the world,” boasts the highest concentration of millionaires in Texas. The city’s thriving energy sector, along with its robust economy driven by industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and finance, has contributed to the accumulation of wealth among its residents.

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Wealthiest Family in Houston, TX:

The wealthiest family in Houston, TX, is often associated with the Cullen family. Hugh Roy Cullen, an oil magnate, and philanthropist, played a pivotal role in shaping Houston’s growth during the 20th century. The Cullen family’s legacy includes substantial contributions to education, healthcare, and the arts in the Houston area.


These families represent the epitome of success in the Lone Star State, embodying the values of hard work, innovation, and community engagement that define Texas culture. As stewards of their respective legacies, they continue to shape the future of Texas and inspire generations to come.

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