Top 12 Used Car Dealerships In Texas [2024]

if you’re looking for used car dealerships in Texas, there are many options across the state that can offer a variety of vehicles to suit different tastes and budgets. Here’s a list of 12 notable used car dealerships located throughout Texas as of 2024, each with its unique features and services:

Top 12 Used Car Dealerships In Texas [2024]

1. Texas Direct Auto (Stafford)

Located in Stafford, Texas Direct Auto is one of the largest direct-to-consumer used car dealerships in the nation. They boast a vast inventory and offer a straightforward purchasing process.

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2. Drivers Select (Dallas)

Known for a large inventory of nearly new vehicles (1-3 years old), DriversSelect in Dallas focuses on offering cars still under factory warranty, which minimizes the risk for buyers.

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3. Bluebonnet Motors (New Braunfels)

Situated in New Braunfels, Bluebonnet Motors is praised for their exceptional customer service and a wide selection of pre-owned vehicles that undergo thorough inspections.

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4. CarMax (Multiple Locations)

With several locations across Texas, including Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, CarMax is popular for its no-haggle pricing and a broad range of vehicles.

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5. AutoNation USA (Corpus Christi)

AutoNation USA in Corpus Christi offers a vast array of used vehicles and is known for a transparent buying process and comprehensive vehicle inspection.

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6. Echopark Automotive (Plano)

Echopark Automotive in Plano features nearly new cars at competitive prices. They are known for their user-friendly shopping experience and modern facilities.

7. North Direct Cars (McKinney)

A smaller, boutique dealership in McKinney, North Direct Cars offers personalized service and carefully selected used vehicles that provide quality and value.

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8. Philpott Pre-Owned Super Center (Port Arthur)

Located in Port Arthur, Philpott focuses on delivering high-quality pre-owned vehicles with a commitment to customer satisfaction and thorough vehicle inspections.

9. Toyota of Richardson (Richardson)

While primarily a new car dealership, Toyota of Richardson also offers a significant selection of pre-owned vehicles, with a specialty in certified pre-owned Toyotas.

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10. Auto Web Expo (Carrollton)

Known for luxury and high-performance vehicles, Auto Web Expo in Carrollton caters to clients looking for premium used cars at a lower cost than new.

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11. Fred Haas Toyota World (Spring)

Located in Spring, this dealership offers an extensive selection of used and certified pre-owned vehicles, with a focus on Toyotas, and known for excellent customer service.

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12. Henna Chevrolet (Austin)

In Austin, Henna Chevrolet provides a mix of used and new Chevrolet vehicles, with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and a wide range of pre-owned options.

Used Car Dealerships in Houston, Texas

  • Texas Direct Auto: Known for a vast inventory and streamlined purchase process.
  • AutoNation USA Houston: Offers a wide selection of pre-owned vehicles with a full transparency approach to sales.
  • DriveTime Used Cars: Focuses on providing financing options for a range of credit scores.
  • Used Car Dealerships in San Antonio, Texas
  • CarMax San Antonio: Popular for its no-haggle pricing and extensive inventory.
  • Ancira Winton Chevrolet: Offers a variety of used and certified pre-owned vehicles.
  • North Park Lexus at Dominion: Specializes in high-quality, luxury pre-owned vehicles.

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Used Car Dealerships in Beaumont, Texas

  • Philpott Ford: Known for their high standard of customer service and reliable used vehicle options.
  • Kinsel Toyota: Offers a diverse range of pre-owned and certified vehicles.
  • Classic Southeast Texas: Features a variety of brands under one roof, focusing on quality and affordability.

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Used Car Dealerships in Temple, Texas

  • Don Ringler Chevrolet Toyota: Offers both Chevrolet and Toyota pre-owned vehicles with a reputation for quality.
  • Tranum Auto Group: Local dealership known for personalized service and competitive pricing.
  • Mac Haik Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram: Provides a broad selection of pre-owned vehicles from various manufacturers.
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Used Car Dealerships in Nacogdoches, Texas

  • Mike Perry Motor Company: Local favorite for a variety of used cars and dedicated customer service.
  • Rex Perry Autoplex: Offers a range of pre-owned and certified vehicles, known for reliable service.
  • Tipton Ford: Features a wide selection of pre-owned Ford vehicles and others, with strong community ties.

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Used Car Dealerships in Lubbock, Texas

  • Gene Messer Ford Lubbock: Offers a robust selection of used and certified pre-owned Ford vehicles.
  • Pollard Used Cars: Known for their extensive inventory and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Reagor Dykes Auto Group: Although previously facing challenges, they are known for a diverse stock and finance options.

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Used Car Dealerships in Boerne, Texas

  • Toyota of Boerne: Specializes in pre-owned Toyotas but also offers a variety of other makes.
  • Boerne Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram: Known for a comprehensive selection of pre-owned vehicles.
  • Mercedes-Benz of Boerne: Offers luxury pre-owned vehicles with exceptional customer service.

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Used Car Dealerships in Port Arthur, Texas

  • Twin City Honda: Provides a good selection of pre-owned Honda vehicles and other brands.
  • Energy Country Ford: Known for their quality used vehicles and personalized service.
  • JK Chevrolet: Features a wide range of Chevrolet pre-owned and certified pre-owned vehicles.

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When choosing a used car dealership in Texas, it’s important to consider factors such as inventory size, vehicle condition, customer reviews, warranty options, and pricing structure. Each of these dealerships offers a unique approach to selling used cars, so it’s helpful to research and even visit multiple dealers to find the best fit for your needs and preferences.

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