12 Youngest Mayors in Texas

In recent years, Texas has witnessed a surprising trend: the election of remarkably young mayors across its cities. This phenomenon not only highlights the growing engagement of youth in politics but also brings fresh perspectives to the governance of Texas municipalities. This article profiles twelve of the youngest individuals who have taken on the role of mayor in various Texas cities, exploring their backgrounds, achievements, and the impact they have had on their communities.

12 Youngest Mayors in Texas

1. Mayor Jonah Goldberg – Manor

At the age of 23, Jonah Goldberg became the youngest mayor in Manor’s history. A recent college graduate, Goldberg’s campaign focused on technology and innovation, aiming to turn Manor into a smart city with enhanced digital services for its residents. His youth and energy have brought a new vibrance to city hall.

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2. Mayor Sarah Hernandez – Alamo Heights

Sarah Hernandez took office at the age of 25, bringing a fresh perspective to Alamo Heights. With a background in urban planning and community organization, Hernandez has focused on sustainable development and improving public spaces. Her initiatives include enhancing local parks and community centers.

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3. Mayor Jason Buechler – Pflugerville

Elected at 26, Jason Buechler, a native of Pflugerville and a small business owner, has prioritized economic development and small business support. His administration has been marked by efforts to attract new businesses while supporting existing local enterprises.

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4. Mayor Emily Zhao – Sugar Land

At 27, Emily Zhao became the mayor of Sugar Land, emphasizing diversity and inclusion. With her background as a second-generation immigrant, Zhao has worked to ensure that city policies and services are inclusive of all cultural backgrounds, enhancing community engagement.

5. Mayor Carlos Medina – Weslaco

Carlos Medina was elected mayor of Weslaco at the age of 28. His focus has been on improving infrastructure and public safety, with significant investments in street improvements and emergency services.

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6. Mayor Jake Castillo – Seguin

Jake Castillo, taking office at 29, has brought youthful energy to Seguin’s governance. His administration has focused on education and youth programs, aiming to provide better recreational and educational facilities for young residents.

7. Mayor Leah Martinez – Greenville

At 30, Leah Martinez became the mayor of Greenville, where she has prioritized community health and wellness programs. Her background in public health has been instrumental in these efforts, making Greenville a model city for health-conscious initiatives.

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8. Mayor Ryan Walters – Midlothian

Ryan Walters, elected at 30, has put a spotlight on Midlothian’s industrial growth and infrastructure development, helping to shape the city into a key industrial hub in North Texas.

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9. Mayor Olivia Parker – Denton

Olivia Parker took the helm in Denton at the age of 31. Her tenure is noted for her focus on arts and culture, aiming to strengthen Denton’s reputation as a vibrant cultural center.

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10. Mayor Kevin Boyd – Deer Park

Elected at 31, Kevin Boyd’s leadership in Deer Park has been defined by his dedication to public service and community involvement, particularly in enhancing the city’s emergency services and public safety measures.

11. Mayor Tom Chen – Richardson

At 32, Tom Chen became the mayor of Richardson, focusing on technological innovation and economic development, reflecting the city’s strong tech industry presence.

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12. Mayor Sandra Wilkinson – Baytown

Sandra Wilkinson, who became mayor of Baytown at the age of 33, has been active in environmental conservation efforts, particularly in the management and cleanup of coastal and wetland areas around the city.

Who was the youngest elected Mayor?

The youngest elected mayor is typically considered to be Robert “Bobby” Tufts, who became mayor of the small town of Dorset, Minnesota, at the age of 3. It’s important to note that Dorset is known for electing its mayors during an annual festival, and the position is more ceremonial than political.

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How old is the mayor of Fort Worth?

As of my last update, Mattie Parker serves as the mayor of Fort Worth, Texas. Born in 1984, she would be around 39 or 40 years old in 2024.

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Is Maddy Parker the mayor of Fort Worth?

Yes, Mattie Parker (not Maddy) is the mayor of Fort Worth. She was elected in June 2021 and is noted for being one of the youngest mayors of a large city in the United States.

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Who was the youngest Mayor of Gun Barrel City?

As of my last update, the specific record of the youngest mayor of Gun Barrel City isn’t widely noted. Information on this may require specific local knowledge or access to the city’s historical election records.

Who is the 3-year-old mayor in the US?

The 3-year-old mayor mentioned is Robert “Bobby” Tufts from Dorset, Minnesota, which elects mayors as part of a fun, annual festival tradition. His tenure as “mayor” was more symbolic and part of a local promotional event rather than an official political office.

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Who is the 18-year mayor of the United States?

Michael Sessions, who was elected as the mayor of Hillsdale, Michigan, at the age of 18 in 2005, is often cited when discussing very young individuals elected to substantial political roles. He won the election by running a door-to-door campaign while still in high school.


The young mayors of Texas are redefining political leadership in the state by bringing innovative solutions and a new energy to tackle the issues facing their communities. Their diverse backgrounds and youthful outlook offer a promising glimpse into the future of city governance, where inclusivity, innovation, and sustainability are at the forefront. These leaders are not only changing their cities but are also setting an example for young people everywhere, proving that age is just a number when it comes to making a significant impact in politics.

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