Most Expensive Beach In Texas

Texas, known for its vast landscapes and diverse attractions, is home to some of the most exquisite beaches along the Gulf Coast. While the Lone Star State may not be the first destination that comes to mind when thinking of opulent seaside retreats, it boasts a collection of exclusive beachfront properties that cater to those seeking the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. In this article, we will explore the 12 most expensive beaches in Texas, where the sun, sand, and sophistication converge.

Most Expensive Beach In Texas

1. Port Aransas: Mustang Island Beach

As one of Texas’ premier beach destinations, Mustang Island Beach in Port Aransas offers exclusive resorts and vacation rentals. With private beach access and upscale amenities, the cost of indulging in the serene surroundings can be high but is undoubtedly worth the expense for those seeking luxury.

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2. Galveston: West End

Galveston’s West End is synonymous with high-end beach living. With luxurious waterfront homes and private beachfront estates, this area attracts affluent individuals looking for a secluded paradise. Exclusive clubs and resorts further elevate the experience.

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3. South Padre Island: Boca Chica Beach

Known for its pristine white sands, Boca Chica Beach on South Padre Island is a haven for those seeking an upscale coastal escape. Private beachfront villas and high-end resorts make this area one of the most expensive and exclusive in Texas.

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4. Crystal Beach: Blue Water Highway

Crystal Beach along the Blue Water Highway boasts extravagant beachfront properties. With stunning Gulf views and lavish amenities, this area attracts those who appreciate the finer things in life and are willing to invest in a premium seaside experience.

5. Matagorda Bay: Sargent Beach

Sargent Beach, nestled along Matagorda Bay, offers a serene and luxurious coastal experience. Exclusive beachfront properties and high-end vacation rentals characterize this area, attracting those seeking privacy and upscale amenities.

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6. Port O’Connor: Matagorda Island

Matagorda Island near Port O’Connor is a secluded and expensive beach destination. Accessible only by boat, this exclusive locale appeals to those looking for an unparalleled level of privacy and luxury in their beach retreat.

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7. Rockport: Fulton Beach Road

Fulton Beach Road in Rockport is home to upscale waterfront properties and resorts. The combination of stunning beachfront views and high-end accommodations makes this area a haven for those willing to invest in an extravagant coastal lifestyle.

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8. Port Lavaca: Magnolia Beach

Magnolia Beach in Port Lavaca is a hidden gem for luxury beachgoers. Exclusive vacation rentals and private beachfront properties make this area one of the most expensive and sought-after beach destinations in Texas.

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9. Surfside Beach: Pedestrian Beach

Pedestrian Beach in Surfside Beach is known for its upscale vacation rentals and private beachfront homes. The exclusivity and tranquility of this area contribute to its reputation as one of the most expensive beach destinations in the state.

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10. Port Isabel: Long Island Village

Long Island Village in Port Isabel offers a luxurious escape along the Texas coast. Exclusive waterfront properties and high-end amenities make this area a haven for those seeking a lavish beach experience.

11. Bolivar Peninsula: Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach on Bolivar Peninsula is a prime destination for affluent beachgoers. Exclusive beachfront properties and upscale vacation rentals characterize this area, providing a luxurious retreat for those looking to escape the ordinary.

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12. Freeport: Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach in Freeport is renowned for its upscale beachfront properties and exclusive resorts. With a reputation for luxury and privacy, this area attracts high-net-worth individuals seeking a sophisticated coastal getaway.

Nicest Beach in Texas:

The title of the nicest beach in Texas is subjective, as preferences vary. However, South Padre Island is often considered one of the most popular and picturesque beach destinations, known for its pristine sands and vibrant atmosphere.

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Most Expensive Beach in Texas:

Determining the single most expensive beach in Texas can be challenging, as it depends on factors like property values and amenities. However, exclusive areas such as West End in Galveston and Mustang Island Beach in Port Aransas are known for their high-end beachfront properties.

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City in Texas with a Beach:

Galveston is a city in Texas that boasts a beach. Known for its historic charm and coastal attractions, Galveston attracts visitors with its sandy shores and diverse recreational activities.

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Amount of Beach in Texas:

Texas has approximately 367 miles of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico, making it the second-largest state coastline in the United States after Alaska.

Houston, Texas, and Beach:

Houston is not directly on the coast, but it is within driving distance of Galveston, a popular beach destination located about 50 miles southeast of the city.

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City in Texas with the Best Beach:

Determining the “best” beach is subjective, but South Padre Island is often regarded as one of the top choices for its beautiful beaches, water activities, and lively atmosphere.

Number 1 Beach in Texas:

While opinions vary, South Padre Island is frequently ranked among the top beaches in Texas due to its pristine sandy shores and vibrant coastal atmosphere.

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Cleanest Beach in Texas:

The cleanliness of beaches can change, but Rockport Beach is often recognized for its efforts in maintaining cleanliness and environmental stewardship, earning the “Blue Wave Beach” designation.

Pretty Beaches in Texas:

Texas is home to several stunning beaches with picturesque landscapes. Some notable ones include Crystal Beach on the Bolivar Peninsula, Matagorda Island near Port O’Connor, and Boca Chica Beach on South Padre Island.

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Safest Beach in Texas:

Assessing safety involves various factors, but beaches like Rockport Beach and South Padre Island are often considered safe for visitors, thanks to vigilant local authorities and community efforts to maintain a secure environment.


While Texas may not always be associated with high-end beach destinations, the Gulf Coast offers a surprising array of exclusive and expensive beachfront properties. From secluded island retreats to upscale resorts, these 12 beaches showcase the Lone Star State’s ability to provide a luxurious coastal experience for those willing to invest in the best. Whether it’s the tranquility of Matagorda Island or the elegance of Crystal Beach, Texas offers a variety of options for those seeking the epitome of seaside sophistication.

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