Top 12 Texas Social Media Influencers [2023]

In the vast landscape of social media, influencers have emerged as powerful voices, shaping opinions, trends, and lifestyles. Texas, with its rich cultural diversity and entrepreneurial spirit, has given rise to a multitude of social media influencers who have captivated audiences worldwide. In this article, we will explore the top 12 Texas social media influencers who have made a significant impact, not only within the Lone Star State but also across the globe.

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Top 12 Texas Social Media Influencers [2023]

1. Liza Koshy (@lizakoshy):

Liza Koshy, born in Houston, is a renowned YouTube personality, actress, and television host. With her infectious energy and humor, she has amassed millions of followers on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, where she shares hilarious sketches, vlogs, and dance videos.

2. Brené Brown (@brenebrown):

A research professor at the University of Houston, Brené Brown gained worldwide recognition through her TED Talks and bestselling books. With a focus on vulnerability and courage, she inspires millions on social media, encouraging them to embrace their authentic selves.

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3. Joel Osteen (@joelosteen):

As the Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Joel Osteen utilizes social media platforms to share his inspirational messages, reaching millions with his motivational speeches, books, and televised sermons, spreading positivity and hope.

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4. Camila Coelho (@camilacoelho):

Originally from Minas Gerais, Brazil, Camila Coelho now resides in Dallas, Texas. She is a beauty and fashion influencer who has taken the social media world by storm. Her Instagram and YouTube channels are a hub of makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, and travel vlogs, making her a style icon for many.

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5. Dude Perfect (@dudeperfect):

Based in Frisco, Texas, Dude Perfect consists of a group of friends who create entertaining content around sports, stunts, and challenges. Their YouTube channel showcases incredible trick shots and hilarious skits, attracting audiences of all ages.

6. Amber Venz Box (@venzedits):

Amber Venz Box, the co-founder of, is a prominent figure in the fashion and lifestyle influencer scene. She shares her impeccable style and beauty tips on Instagram, inspiring her followers to embrace fashion with confidence.

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7. Asa Akira (@asahole):

Hailing from New York but currently residing in Austin, Asa Akira is a celebrated adult film star and author. She has utilized social media platforms to discuss important topics such as relationships, mental health, and feminism, breaking stereotypes and advocating for openness and acceptance.

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8. Manny Gutierrez (@mannymua733):

Manny Gutierrez, also known as Manny MUA, is a makeup artist and beauty influencer based in San Antonio. He has gained a massive following on YouTube and Instagram for his creative makeup tutorials and product reviews, challenging traditional norms in the beauty industry.

9. Eva Gutowski (@mylifeaseva):

Eva Gutowski, originally from California, moved to Texas and has become a popular lifestyle and comedy vlogger. With her relatable content, she engages her audience on YouTube, sharing insights into her life, relationships, and personal growth.

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10. Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian):

Dan Bilzerian, a professional poker player and social media personality, calls Austin, Texas his home. He gained fame through his extravagant lifestyle posts on Instagram, showcasing luxury cars, exotic travels, and high-stakes poker games, attracting millions of followers.

11. Andrew Bachelor (@kingbach):

Andrew Bachelor, known as King Bach, is a Vine star turned actor and comedian based in Los Angeles and Dallas. His witty skits and comedy sketches on platforms like Instagram and YouTube have earned him a massive fan base, making him one of the most influential comedians online.

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12. Christiane Serratos (@christianserratos):

Christiane Serratos, born in Pasadena, Texas, gained widespread recognition for her role as Rosita Espinosa in the hit TV series “The Walking Dead.” She engages her followers on social media, sharing glimpses of her life, acting projects, and advocating for social and environmental causes.

Influencers in Houston, Texas:

Houston, Texas, is home to a diverse array of influencers spanning various niches, including lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and fitness. Notable influencers like Liza Koshy and Joel Osteen are based in Houston, leveraging their platforms to reach a global audience.

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Why do Most Influencers Live in Texas?:

Texas has become a popular hub for influencers due to its vibrant culture, affordable living, and entrepreneurial spirit. The state’s diverse landscapes provide influencers with varied backdrops for their content. Additionally, Texas doesn’t have state income tax, making it financially appealing for high-earning influencers.

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Dallas Influencers:

Dallas boasts a thriving influencer community. Influencers like Camila Coelho and Andrew Bachelor, also known as King Bach, have made Dallas their home base. The city’s blend of urban sophistication and southern charm offers a unique backdrop for their content creation.

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Most Famous Influencer on Social Media:

Determining the “most famous” influencer is subjective and can vary based on different metrics. Influencers like Kylie Jenner, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Selena Gomez were among the most followed personalities on social media platforms like Instagram.

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Most Famous Influencer in Texas:

Liza Koshy, with her massive following on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, is one of the most famous influencers associated with Texas. Her creative content and engaging personality have garnered international recognition.

City with the Most Influencers:

It’s challenging to pinpoint a single city with the most influencers globally, as influencers are spread across the world. However, major global cities like Los Angeles, New York, London, and Tokyo are renowned for hosting significant numbers of influencers.

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City with the Most Instagram Influencers:

Similar to the overall influencer population, cities like Los Angeles, New York, and London have a high concentration of Instagram influencers. Instagram’s global reach ensures influencers from various cities and countries can thrive on the platform.

Country with the Most Influencers:

The United States is home to a vast number of influencers across different platforms, owing to its large population and widespread internet access. However, influencers are found in virtually every country, contributing to the global nature of social media.

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Celebrities in Texas:

Celebrities in Texas often frequent upscale restaurants, exclusive clubs, and cultural events in cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin. Popular spots include Houston’s Theater District, the Dallas Arts District, and Austin’s vibrant live music scene. Additionally, events like SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin attract both local and international celebrities.

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These Texas social media influencers have not only achieved remarkable success in their respective fields but have also become sources of inspiration, entertainment, and knowledge for millions around the world. Through their creativity, authenticity, and dedication, they continue to shape the digital landscape, leaving a lasting impact on the ever-evolving world of social media. As their influence grows, they exemplify the power of social media in connecting people, transcending boundaries, and fostering meaningful conversations.

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