Top 12 Largest Feedlots in Texas: Giants of the Cattle Industry

Texas is not only known for its vast lands and rich histories but also as a powerhouse in the American cattle industry. Home to some of the largest feedlots in the United States, Texas plays a pivotal role in beef production, which is a significant component of its economy. These massive operations are crucial in understanding the scale and the logistics of meat production in America. Here, we explore the top 12 largest feedlots in Texas, shedding light on their operations, capacities, and contributions to the market.

Top 12 Largest Feedlots in Texas: Giants of the Cattle Industry

1. Cactus Feeders

Located in Amarillo, Cactus Feeders is not only the largest in Texas but also one of the top beef producers in the world. With a capacity of over 500,000 cattle, this feedlot focuses on sustainability and innovation in beef production.

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2. Friona Industries

Situated in Amarillo as well, Friona Industries ranks as one of the largest privately-owned feedlots in the nation. It houses around 450,000 head of cattle annually and is known for its progressive approach to cattle management and feed technology.

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3. Five Rivers Cattle Feeding

Five Rivers, with multiple locations across the state, including Dalhart and Hartley, is the largest cattle feeder in the world when all locations are considered. Its Texas operations alone have a capacity of several hundred thousand.

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Although better known for its Black Angus production, 44 Farms also operates one of Texas’s significant feedlots in Cameron. It focuses heavily on genetics and sustainable meat production.

5. Texas Beef Producers

Based in Hereford, Texas Beef Producers is a prominent name in the industry with a substantial capacity, contributing significantly to the state’s beef output.

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6. XIT Feeders

Named after the famous XIT Ranch, XIT Feeders in Dalhart continues the legacy with modern feeding techniques and a capacity that houses a large number of cattle.

7. La Escalera Ranch

Operating near Fort Stockton, La Escalera Ranch is one of the oldest and most reputable cattle operations in Texas, known for its large-scale operations and quality beef production.

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8. Moore County Feed Yard

Located in Dumas, this feed yard is pivotal in the panhandle region with a significant capacity and emphasis on quality feed and animal health.

9. Hitch Enterprises

Positioned in Guymon, although not exclusive to Texas, Hitch Enterprises serves a substantial portion of the Texas market. Their operations reflect advanced cattle feeding technologies and efficient growth strategies.

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10. E6 Cattle Co.

In Hereford, E6 Cattle Co. focuses on efficiency and ethical practices in cattle handling, ensuring high-quality beef production with a considerable operational size.

11. Imperial Beef

This relatively newer setup in Imperial prides itself on innovative cattle feeding strategies, contributing robustly to Texas’s beef production numbers.

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12. Chapman Cattle Company

Based in Clarksville, Chapman Cattle Company rounds out our list with its emphasis on sustainable feeding practices and a strong market presence.

Biggest Feedlot in Texas

The Cactus Feeders in Amarillo is the biggest feedlot in Texas. It has a capacity to house over 500,000 cattle, making it one of the largest in the world focused on efficient and sustainable beef production.

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Largest Cattle Feedlot in Texas

Cactus Feeders also holds the title for the largest cattle feedlot in Texas, with the same extensive capacity as mentioned above.

What is the Largest Feedlot in the USA?

The largest feedlot in the USA is Five Rivers Cattle Feeding. Although its headquarters are in Colorado, its combined operations across multiple states, including Texas, give it a total capacity exceeding 900,000 head of cattle.

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Why is the Panhandle of Texas the Feedlot Capital of the World?

The Texas Panhandle is often called the feedlot capital of the world due to its ideal combination of wide-open spaces, available feed grains, a favorable climate, and proximity to major beef processing facilities. These factors make it an optimal location for large-scale cattle feeding operations.

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What Part of Texas Produces the Most Beef?

The Texas Panhandle produces the most beef in the state, thanks to the high concentration of large feedlots and beef processing plants in the region.

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How Many Cattle are at Dalhart Feedlot?

Dalhart, Texas, hosts several large feedlots, including some operations under the Five Rivers umbrella. The total number of cattle can vary, but major feedlots in Dalhart typically house tens of thousands to over 100,000 head of cattle.

What City in Texas is Known for Cattle?

Amarillo, in the Texas Panhandle, is famously known for cattle and is a significant hub for the beef industry in Texas, hosting some of the largest feedlots and meatpacking operations.

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Why is Texas Called the Panhandle?

Texas is called the Panhandle because the northernmost part of the state has a narrow strip of territory protruding northward, resembling the handle of a cooking pan. This geographic region is distinct from the rest of Texas in its layout and climate.

Which State has the Most Cattle on Feedlots?

Texas leads the nation in the number of cattle on feedlots, thanks in large part to the extensive operations in the Texas Panhandle.

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How Many Cows Can Fit in a Feedlot?

The capacity of feedlots can vary widely, from a few thousand to over half a million head of cattle. The size depends on the acreage and the infrastructure of the feedlot.

Where is the Biggest Cow Farm in the World?

The biggest cow farm in the world is considered to be Mudanjiang City Mega Farm in Heilongjiang, China. This dairy farm can house around 100,000 cows and spans over 22,500,000 acres. However, it is primarily focused on dairy production rather than beef.

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The largest feedlots in Texas are crucial to understanding not only the scale of cattle production but also the advancements in animal husbandry and feed technology. These operations help secure the United States’ position as a global leader in beef production, and their impact resonates across the global food supply chain. As the demand for beef continues globally, the role of these Texas giants is more critical than ever, pushing the boundaries of efficiency and sustainability in the livestock industry.

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