12 Types Of Spiders In Texas

Texas, the second-largest state in the United States, is home to a diverse array of wildlife. Among the many fascinating creatures that inhabit this vast landscape are spiders. With over 900 species documented, Texas boasts an impressive variety of spiders, each with its unique characteristics and adaptations. In this article, we will delve into the intriguing world of arachnids and explore 12 types of spiders found in Texas.

12 Types Of Spiders In Texas

1. Black Widow Spider (Latrodectus mactans)

One of the most notorious spiders in Texas, the black widow, is easily recognizable by its glossy black body and red hourglass-shaped marking on the underside of its abdomen. Although their venom is potent, fatalities are rare, and they typically only bite in self-defense.

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2. Brown Recluse Spider (Loxosceles reclusa)

The brown recluse, also known as the violin spider due to its violin-shaped marking on the cephalothorax, is a venomous spider found in Texas. Their bites can cause necrotic skin lesions, making them a spider of medical concern.

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3. Golden Silk Orb-Weaver (Nephila clavipes)

Known for their striking appearance, golden silk orb-weavers are large spiders with vibrant yellow and black coloration. They are famous for their strong, golden-colored silk, which they use to create large, intricate webs.

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4. Texas Tan Tarantula (Aphonopelma hentzi)

One of the largest spiders in North America, the Texas tan tarantula is a docile and slow-moving arachnid. Despite their intimidating size, they are harmless to humans. These hairy spiders are often found in burrows in arid regions of Texas.

5. Jumping Spider (Phidippus spp.)

Jumping spiders are small, agile hunters known for their exceptional jumping abilities. They are curious and visually acute, often displaying elaborate courtship dances. With a wide variety of species in Texas, these spiders are diverse in appearance and behavior.

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6. Bold Jumping Spider (Phidippus audax)

Bold jumping spiders are among the most common jumping spider species in Texas. They are easily recognizable by their black body with white or green markings. These spiders are known for their fearlessness and excellent vision.

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7. Crab Spider (Thomisidae family)

Crab spiders are named for their sideways movement, resembling that of a crab. They come in various colors, allowing them to camouflage effectively on flowers and catch unsuspecting prey. These spiders do not build webs; instead, they ambush their prey.

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8. Wolf Spider (Lycosidae family)

Wolf spiders are robust and agile hunters found in a variety of habitats in Texas. They do not use webs to catch prey; instead, they actively hunt and pounce on their victims. Female wolf spiders carry their eggs in a silk sac attached to their abdomen.

9. Orchard Orb-Weaver (Leucauge venusta)

These delicate and colorful orb-weaving spiders are commonly found in gardens and wooded areas. They construct large, wheel-shaped webs and are harmless to humans. Orchard orb-weavers are known for their vibrant yellow and black markings.

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10. Long-Jawed Orb-Weaver (Tetragnatha spp.)

Long-jawed orb-weavers have elongated bodies and disproportionately long jaws. They build horizontal webs near water bodies and are skilled at capturing flying insects. These spiders have a unique appearance, with their long, slender bodies and extended chelicerae.

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11. Green Lynx Spider (Peucetia viridans)

Named for its bright green coloration, the green lynx spider is an ambush predator commonly found on flowers and shrubs. They are excellent hunters, capable of spitting venom to immobilize their prey. Despite their potent venom, their bites are not harmful to humans.

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12. Six-Spotted Fishing Spider (Dolomedes triton)

Found near water bodies, the six-spotted fishing spider is a semi-aquatic species that can walk on water. They are excellent swimmers and use vibrations on the water surface to detect prey. These large spiders have unique white spots on their abdomen, making them easily identifiable.

What is the most common spider in Texas?

One of the most common spiders in Texas is the Bold Jumping Spider (Phidippus audax). These agile and fearless spiders are found in various habitats across the state and are easily recognizable by their black bodies with white or green markings.

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What kind of spiders are there in Texas?

Texas is home to a diverse range of spiders, including venomous species like the Black Widow Spider and the Brown Recluse Spider, as well as non-venomous varieties like the Golden Silk Orb-Weaver, Wolf Spider, and Crab Spider. The state’s spider population is incredibly varied, with numerous species displaying unique behaviors and adaptations.

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How many types of spiders are in Texas?

There are over 900 documented species of spiders in Texas, showcasing the state’s rich arachnid biodiversity.

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What are the poisonous spiders in Texas?

The two most concerning poisonous spiders in Texas are the Black Widow Spider (Latrodectus mactans) and the Brown Recluse Spider (Loxosceles reclusa). While their bites are rare, these spiders possess venom that can cause health issues and necrotic skin lesions in humans.

What is the biggest spider in Texas?

The Texas Tan Tarantula (Aphonopelma hentzi) holds the title of the largest spider in Texas. Despite their intimidating size, these tarantulas are generally harmless to humans.

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Are Texas jumping spiders poisonous?

While Texas jumping spiders (such as the Bold Jumping Spider) do possess venom to immobilize their prey, their venom is not harmful to humans. Jumping spiders are not considered a threat to people.

Does Texas have snakes and spiders?

Yes, Texas is home to a variety of snakes and spiders. The state’s diverse ecosystems provide suitable habitats for numerous species of both snakes and spiders.

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Are spiders a problem in Texas?

Spiders are a natural part of the ecosystem in Texas and play a crucial role in controlling insect populations. While some species may enter homes, they are not generally considered a significant problem unless their presence becomes an infestation. Most spiders prefer to live outdoors.

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Where do spiders live in Texas?

Spiders in Texas can be found in a wide range of habitats, including gardens, forests, grasslands, and wetlands. They build webs in trees, bushes, and tall grasses. Some species prefer sheltered places like basements, attics, or woodpiles, especially in urban areas.

Texas’s diverse landscapes offer a suitable environment for numerous spider species, each contributing to the state’s rich biological tapestry. Understanding and appreciating these creatures can help foster a coexistence that respects the natural balance of Texas’s ecosystems.

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The diverse range of spiders found in Texas showcases the complexity and adaptability of these fascinating arachnids. While some species are feared for their venomous bites, most spiders play crucial roles in controlling insect populations and maintaining the ecological balance. Understanding and appreciating the various types of spiders in Texas contribute to a greater awareness of the state’s rich biodiversity and the importance of conserving these remarkable creatures in their natural habitats.

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